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Nutrition Support “Hipiar”
Banana Flavor

JAN Code4977113691738

Support the nutrition intake you would like to take deliciously.

A nutritional drink based on the food concept sticking to the flavor (Banana Flavor)
Including ingredients start with rice, a staple food, incorporated with high nutrition provided ingredients such as egg, milk, and vegetables (carrot).
The rice is decomposed with enzyme before mixed.

1 bag contains
Protein 7.1g (with 100 scores of Amino Acid)
1/3 of 13 types of vitamins are ingestible. ※
1/3 of 10 types of minerals are ingestible. ※
(Zinc 3.5g, Copper 0.24mg, Biotin 16μg)
Dietary Fiber 3.9g

※ Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese (2015 Edition)
Recommended amount or standard amount per day for male 50-69 years old

Nutritional Information

Amount per bag (125ml)
Energy (kcal) 200
Water (g) 93.4
Protein (g) 7.1
Fat (g) 8.2
Carbohydrate (g) 27.4
Saccharide (g) 23.5
Dietary fiber (g) 3.9
Ash (g) 1.2
Sodium (mg) 121
Potassium (mg) 96
Calcium (mg) 238
Magnesium (mg) 110
Phosphorus (mg) 108
Iron (mg) 2.9
Zinc (mg) 3.5
Copper (mg) 0.24
Manganese (mg) 1.30
Iodine (μg) 58
Selenium (μg) 14
Chromium (μg) 7
Molybdenum(μg) 14
Vitamin A (μg) 320
Vitamin D(μg) 1.9
Vitamin E (mg) 4.1
Vitamin K (μg) 49
Vitamin B1(mg) 0.58
Vitamin B2(mg) 0.55
Niacin (mg) 7.1
Vitamin B6(mg) 0.47
Vitamin B12(μg) 1.5
Folic acid (μg) 86
Pantothenic acid (mg) 2.13
Vitamin C(mg) 49
Biotin(μg) 16
Choline(mg) Tr
Lactose(g) 1.3
Equivalent quantity of table salt (g) 0.3
Saturated fatty acid(g) 2.4

Other Product Information

Shelf Life 12 months from production date
GTIN Code 14977113691735
Packing style 125ml x 30 Bags
Net volume 125ml
Product dimensions W100mm×D40mm×H150mm
Product weight 145g
Carton dimensions L305mm×W210mm×H160mm
Carton weight 4.6kg
Ingredients Cow's Milk (Japan Milk), Glucose Powder, Milk Protein, Soybean Oil, Indigestible Dextrin, Sugar, MCT Oil, Olive Oil, Rice, Carrot Pastes, Dolomite, Egg Powder, Perilla Oil, Lactic Acid Bacterium, Yeast / Trehalose, Crystalline Cellulose, Citrate (K, Na), Flavoring Substances, V.C, Zinc Gluconate, Ferric Ammonium Citrate, Niacin, V.E, Pantothenate Ca, Copper Gluconate, V.B1, V.B6, V.B2, V.A, Sweetener (Sucralose), Folic Acid, V.K, Biotin, V.D, V.B12, (Some ingredient included, Egg, Milk)
※Compliant with Japan Regulations
Egg, Milk

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