Company Outline

Corporate Philosophy

Forica foods aims to become a unique development-oriented food manufacturer
by proactively promoting new technology development and market development.



The company began as The Horinouchi kanzume Co., Ltd. on January 1955 due to the efforts of local volunteers (the company name changed to the current name in 1998) and since then it has continued steady progress for over 60 years.

In recent years, in addition to typical meat products, we have begun developing care foods for people who have difficulty in chewing or swallowing (dysphagia), and medical foods for people with restrictions on nutrition intake, as well as emergency food and disaster relief foods, working to provide products and services that can satisfy as many people as possible. We will continue to actively develop technology and products in order to provide valuable products that respond to customer needs.

As a development-oriented food maker suited to changing times, we aim to become a unique company with unique technology, be a part of the local community, and continue to try new things in order to contribute to society in the 21st century.

We look forward to your continued support.

CEO and PresidentYoshihiro Kawai

Established January 18, 1955
Capital 250 million yen(2.26 million USD)
Settlement Term March (once a year)
Representative Director and President
Yoshihiro Kawai
Executive Director
Masanori Nakajo
Executive Director
Kazuya Ikarashi
Director and Executive Officer
Hideki Moriyama
Tetsuya Uchiyama (part-time)
Nobuyuki Yoshida (part-time)
Shizuo Majima (part-time)
Toshihiro Yuzaki (part-time)
Number of employees 210 (As of June, 2018)
Description of Business Manufacture and sale of Medical Foods, Care Foods, disaster relief foods and emergency foods, canned meats, processed meats (retort pouches, etc.), and other prepared food products.
Main Sales Contacts Meidi-Ya Co., Ltd., Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Kawasho Foods Corporation, JAPITAL FOODS (participating corporation)
Main Vendors Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Kawasho Foods Corporation, Meidi-Ya Co., Ltd., Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.
Banks Used The Daishi Bank, Ltd., Horinouchi Branch, MUFG Bank, Ltd. Niigata Branch, The Hokuetsu Bank, Ltd., Koide Branch
Affiliated Companies dbf inc, Forica Service Corporation

Research and Development
Forica foods’ approach to product development

Since its founding in 1955, Forica foods has approached the creation of products that can accompany a variety of eating situations,
and has provided value to society through food in a number of ways.

To offer some specific examples of these efforts, the product lineup includes a wide variety of foods including medical foods and care foods, disaster relief and emergency foods, rice in sterile packaging, large cans of food for institutional use, and more.


Forica foods’ approach to food product manufacturing

Forica foods has manufactured food products with reliable technology cultivated over many years in the rich natural environment with clean water and air in Echigo Uonuma.

We will continue to work diligently and strive to create production lines that can handle a variety of product types and train employees so that they can always respond to customer requests, and deliver products that customers trust.


Quality Control
Forica foods’ approach to quality control

Beginning in 2020, Japanese domestic food manufacturers and distributors will be required to conform
to the international food safety standard HACCP for manufacturing process management.

Our company began introducing this method in 2000, and as a result, we applied for HACCP method of safety and health management to the Minami Uonuma Health Center two years early in 2018, and received certification.
We will continue to place customer trust as our highest priority and work at ensuring food safety every day.


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